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Eyeliner is one of this can’t-live-without regular use beauty products that has the magical ability to transform the shape of any eye. Almond eyes become doe eyes and vice versa, with the flick of a wrist and a wash of Kohl. But not all the eyeliners can do that. To get the best makeover of your eye, you need to pick the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes that suits you!

Now, there’s not only a single eyeliner, or a single type to choose from. There are a hell lot of eyeliners on the market, the beauty market is kinda overflowed with them. They come in various guises, from pencil and gel to liquid and marker pen style. And all of them suit a different type of makeup look.

Liquid eyeliners are great for graphic winged liner, cat-eyed 1960s, or a retro 1940s look. The gel liners will be great for sensitive or mature skin as they glide on without dragging, while the pencil is good for a smoky, morning-after-the-night-before vibe.

Already getting confused? Well, all get. But I got your back. I’ve done the hard work here.  I’ve researched all the good eyeliners available out there on the market spending countless hours and picked the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes, to be exact the best Liquid, Gel and Pencil eyeliner, considering all aspects, and also reviewed them here to let you know why I think they’re the best.

To find the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes, I’ve avoided products that smudge, flake or get disappeared by lunch hour, and considered how easy is it to achieve a lined eye with the liner, and how simple it is to remove at the end of the night as well.

So, let’s see which are my pick for the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes.


I had a concern about your preferences when choosing the top 3 eyeliners. So I kept one best Liquid eyeliner, one best gel eyeliner and one best pencil eyeliner in my list. Here are those eyeliner reviews, to let you know all the pros and cons of them, and why I picked them too.


The “Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner” from Stila is a felt-tip style liquid eyeliner pen. The tip is reasonably flexible for comfort and comes with a fine point for a precision application. The pen’s cap of it closes very proper and securely, so you won’t need to worry about it popping off in your makeup bag or purse and creating a huge mess. The intense black color is indeed true black, very dark, and the finish is neither particularly matte nor glossy.

Well, to be honest, Liquid eyeliners weren’t actually my favorite because of their unforgiving nature if your application isn’t perfect. The felt-tip pen style liquid liners also tend to be more unforgiving than liquid liners with a very long, thin brush style applicator.  Felt tip pens are tapered so if you miss being gentle and press it too hard, the wider part of the pen is going to press against your lid which will end up making a thicker line than you probably wanted to draw.

This doesn’t apply to Stila’s liquid eyeliner pens only and it’s not Stila’s fault either, though. This applies to all liquid eyeliners. If you’ve got a steady enough hand or even if you prefer the felt-tip pen applicator style for a liquid liner, then this is the best liquid eyeliner for you for the rest of the aspects.

Now, for me, I’m not a pro but still, I found that I got enough steady hands to apply this liner pretty comfortably. The ‘enough’ here, is I found ‘not much’, just if you have practices to apply eyeliners for a while, you’re pretty good to go with some bad performances at the starting, but you’ll sink in. I’m saying this cause even I didn’t have any experience with liquid eyeliners before, I was just an everyday ‘pencil liner’ girl, but even I could manage to get going with this product after a while. Here is a great video showing how you can apply liquid eyeliner.

So, after I got going with the product, I loved to fill in between my eyelashes using this pen because the precision tip of it is so skinny and fine that it could easily reach between my lashes without ending up with a mess.

Intense Black is a very appropriate name for this eyeliner, it literally ends up creating an intense color. This liquid eyeliner pen is an incredibly deep, true black and it really makes your lash line look sharp and bold.

The real reason I adore this eyeliner so much is that it doesn’t smudge! It’s probably is one of the best smudge-proof eyeliner out there. It reminds me of Blinc mascara, which is a unique kind of polymer that once dried up, simply wouldn’t smudge.

It’s one of the best waterproof liquid eyeliner, may the one of the best waterproof eyeliner as well, not only for liquid liners. Because even when my eyes water, it will stay put, as long as I don’t touch my eyeliner, and no one should. I can even dare to dab around my eyes to absorb excess tearing with a tissue and nothing transfers! It doesn’t ever irritate my sensitive eyes, doesn’t end up giving me panda eyes, and doesn’t fade throughout the day as well. I love it that I don’t have to touch up my eyeliner at all.

Many long-wearing and waterproof liners may have a problem that they are perhaps a little too long-wearing, and sometimes it can be difficult to remove them at the end of the day. This isn’t the case with Stila’s eyeliner pen! To wear off, I simply take a cotton swab, saturate it with pure coconut oil or eye makeup remover and gently rub or swirl it over the liner and it comes right off easily without any fuss or irritation.

The pen’s packaging is compact, sleek and convenient for travel and best of all, secure. Felt-tip style eyeliner pens often tend to dry out rather quickly. So this pen is packaged in a way to prevent drying out. After several months of usage, my Stila pen is still going strong.


I love it when a product does exactly as promised and performs exactly as expected. It’s the main reason that I loved the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila. It didn’t over-promise, rather it performed as whatever it promised. It stays all day long where I put it, even on a very long day and comes off without irritation when I want it to. The color is a rich, intense, saturated, true, deep black that always gives my eyes a bold look. It doesn’t smear at and makes my eyes a mess even when my eyes water a lot, so the waterproof claim is solid. The only drawback to this product I can mention is the felt-tip style applicator. You’ll need some practice to sink in with it.


  • Intense, true, dark black color
  • Thin felt-tip allows you to create both thin and thick lines.
  • Waterproof, cry a lot but it stays there. Long-lasting, doesn’t smudge at all.
  • Glides smoothly on the lid, stays secure, doesn’t come out and make you purse a mess.
  • Sleek packaging, doesn’t dry out
  • Easy to take off with an oil-based makeup remover, or maybe with pure coconut oil.


  • You’ll need some practice to get the hang of it if you have trouble with precision application.
  • May be pricey for some people


The Highliner-Gel crayon from Marc Jacobs Beauty is one of the best gel eyeliner you can get yourself. This eye pencil comes in 12 matte shades, from regular standard shades like blacks and browns to bright fun pastels like blues and pinks to deeper bold shades like purples and wines. I really was blown away by how beautiful and unique the shades were.

The pigmentation of this liner is to another level. One precise swipe and you are good to go, you do not need to go over it many times. The gel formula is fully waterproof and glides on very smooth and flawlessly without tugging and stays put all day. It does not smudge or migrate or crumble in the corners of the eyes.

This liner is able to carry your very long day. It’s really a very long-lasting eye pencil. It sets and does not budge all day, exactly is what I all need.

The product also passed my water test will brilliant results. There was no shifting, smudging, or fading at all despite the swatches being under running water. This liner is not at all vulnerable to water unless you rub it while it’s wet.

There’s a built-in sharpener in it making sure the crayon always has a perfect point for a more accurate application and an instantly sharp look on the go.

The shades are unique and really amazing. Some of the consumers have mentioned that each shade of these liners looks kind of different on everyone depending on their skin tone.

The silver packaging of this liner looks very classy and beautiful. It’s a twist-up eye pencil. The packaging is effective too, making sure it does not dry out soon.

Though the manufacturer says to allow it 15 seconds to get set, my experience says you should give it more than 15 seconds. I’d recommend you allow it a minute, to make sure there’s no chance it’s up to work prematurely.


  • Attractive colors.
  • Brilliant pigmentation.
  • Precise application.
  • Water and smudge-proof, fully.

Sleek and classy packaging, doesn’t dry out


  • Expensive.


If you are looking for a decent eyeliner at a low price, this is the best eye pencil you can get. NYX Mechanical is a pencil that doesn’t have premiums all over it, but it does its job decently well.

Being on the cheaper side, the best thing about this pencil is it’s very nice pigmentation. The pigmentation is way better than expected for a pencil in this range. It glides very easily on the skin without skipping areas.

The packaging is normal, not really special, made from plastic and the color on its body and cap is same as the color of the pencil inside, though the color name is printed on the body.

Though it claims it’s waterproof, it’s fully not. It can handle minor cases, like an accidental splash of a small volume of water, it won’t create a mess. But it’s not that type of pencil wearing which you can dare to jump in the pool.

As it is a crayon type and doesn’t come with a sharpener, so it’s quite hard to draw a sharp winged liner, though it’s pretty easy for the eyes. Though I like how easy it is to apply.

Overall, I found it a cheap little useful eyeliner. It’s obviously got some flaws giving its price, but it can give you good service on proper using.


  • Very Affordable.
  • Has so many nice and wonderful colors
  • Nice pigmented, Glides easily, soft texture
  • Waterproof for minor cases.


  • The softness makes it break easily.
  • Not smudge-proof
  • The shimmer is too large.


So, there you have it. These are the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes to buy giving different demands. The Stila’s All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner is the best liquid eyeliner to me. Whereas, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Crayon is the best gel eye pencil you can get. And, the NYX mechanical is the best eye pencil you can get in a very cheap price range.

I hope these eyeliner reviews help you pick the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot it in the comments below.


To pick the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes, I researched, a lot, literally a lot. I spent countless hours analyzing eyeliner reviews given by its consumers and I poured through pages of various websites run by experts. I looked for positive and negative reviews, comments, recognitions, awards, and social media mentions of a liner. I used this strategy to get to a manageable amount of top contenders for Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes so I could move to the testing stages. Except for online research,

I consulted with a cosmetic chemist and formulation expert on what ingredients make a good eyeliner and what ingredient in an eyeliner may harm your skin. Based on the information I got from her, I shortlisted, I eliminated those items that have a ‘buy-me’ appeal on them, but actually are not made of what it should be made of. For the final step, I tested the shortlisted models, practically, on our own face, for a couple of weeks.

In my mission to find the Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes, I mostly focused on black and everyday eyeliners as most of us use these most frequently. In the research process, I discovered that many women prefer brown-black or brown eyeliners, or some other variations as well for a more everyday and casual look. Color is always a personal choice and I don’t know what color you like. So, in my picks for Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes, I kept products that offer variations.

The Best Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes that I found through this research, features jaw-dropping long wear, smooth application, gorgeous pigmentation, and an uncanny ability to withstand sweat, accidental rubbing, water, and The Bridges of Madison County-level tears.