When most people think of a feather necklace, they are going to find that they are going to think of full headdresses that they see on television and that these are put into a necklace to wear.

However, the feather necklace is not exactly like this. The feather necklace can be two or three small feathers that are made to look like the pendant that hangs on a chain. Or there can be the feather necklaces that are going to be feathers attached to a chain that is going to go all the way around the neck. There are those that will fall at the collarbone and those that will be down to the waist. They are an intricate necklace that can help to bring a bit of spice to any outfit that is out there. There are also those feather necklaces that are going to have a feather pendant on it around a chain. With the latter being the one that is more subtle in how it is worn.


Wearing a Feather Necklace

Those that want to wear a feather necklace are going to find that they can wear this with almost anything. Even those shirts that are busy can benefit from a feather necklace that is in solid colors, such as all white feathers. Those that wear a solid shirt are going to find that they can mix this up with some multi-colored feather necklaces. The idea of wearing the feather necklace is to allow an everyday outfit that may have no wow factor, to suddenly be something that is cutting edge fashion.

When you want to wear a feather necklace you should know that there are many ways that this can be worn. You can loop this necklace once for a long layer, or some people find that they can create their own look through using a feather necklace combined with other beaded necklaces in order to create a look that is completely unique and something that is going to have everyone interested in doing what they are doing.

Those that want a simple feather necklace, which is the feather pendant around a chain, they are going to find that this is going to be able to be worn with anything. And there are many people that believe the feather necklace is meant to bring luck to the person that is wearing it. Therefore, many people wear this necklace as a lucky charm instead of a must-have fashion accessory.

Where to Buy Feather Necklaces for Men?

For those that are interested in making one of these necklaces something that they find in their jewelry box, they are going to find that many of their local retail stores are not going to carry the actual feather necklaces or the necklaces with the feather pendants. Many people find that they have to order these online or go to a department store that carries all of the latest fashions. Either way, the person will find that the prices can range from cheap around thirty dollars or so to those that are well over one hundred dollars to have as their own.

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