A bib necklace a necessary accessory for any woman that wants to make a splash when she enters a room. These necklaces are something that is not going to be something that is worn with every outfit because of the way that they are designed.

Most bib necklaces are going to contain several elements that make them fabulous. They are going to be layered in the way that the gems are laying. Usually, the person will find that the gems are designed in a three-layered pattern, in which the shape of a triangle is shaped. However, there are those that use gems that are going to be hanging therefore, only one layer will be present and oval shape is formed with this type. The necklace will hang above the breast bone and below the collar bone for the best look. Longer bib necklaces are out there, though they can prove to be something that is more trouble than it is worth.

The colors of bib necklaces are what makes these necklaces so appealing to people. They are going to find that almost any color of bib necklace can be found. There are those that contain black gems that are hanging on a black ribbon that is tied around the neck. While there are also those that are all silver, gold or multi-colored. It really does make it easy for the person to enhance any outfit that they wear with the amount of color that they want to infuse into the outfit.

How to Wear a Bib Necklace

With a bib necklace, there are several ways in which they can be worn with outfits to make them look absolutely gorgeous. However, with that being said, there are a few rules to follow when wearing this. First off, the person will not want to wear these with outfits that are already busy with the design of the fabric. The reason for this is that the necklace is meant to be the focus of the outfit and if worn with busy outfits, the person may appear to be more of a fashion disaster, rather than a fashion icon.

Secondly, certain types of fashions are not going to be something that the bib necklace will go with. Most people find that wearing these with a low cut shirt is going to look better than if they were to wear this with a halter type shirt or dress. These will also work great with plain turtlenecks, in order to give a unique appearance and add some flash to the outfit that is otherwise plain.

When wearing a bib necklace, the person will also want to minimize the other types of jewelry that they are wearing. In particular, the person will not want to wear earrings that are long or flashy. When wearing a bib necklace and wanting to put earrings with these, most people find that a simple stud is going to be a great way to emphasize the bib necklace, rather than take away from its beauty. Wearing a bracelet that is simple can also be a way to put emphasis on the bib necklace rather than detract from this.

Cautions about Bib Necklaces

There are a few things that people need to be aware of when wearing these types of necklaces. For one they can be very heavy and this is going to be something that the person may not like. However, once they get used to this, they will find that they may feel completely naked without wearing one of these necklaces.

Secondly, since these types of necklaces do contain tons of gems on them in order to give the bib appearance, the person may find that they are very delicate. Therefore, the person should exercise caution in wearing this and avoid having them getting snagged on objects, which is why most people will be most comfortable with wearing these in a way that they are not too long and can get snagged on objects and break.

Overall, when wanting to make a splash when walking into a room, the bib necklace is the accessory that can draw all eyes towards you.