A lariat necklace is one that many women are going to find to be a must-have staple in their jewelry box, thanks to the many ways that this can be worn. Plus, these are going to have that classic simplicity that many women are wanting when it comes to eh jewelry that they are wearing. The lariat necklace is a simple chain with two ends that dangle down as if the person is wearing a lasso around their neck. When it comes to the decorations that the ends have on them, the person will find that some of these are going to be elaborate with sparkle and gems, while others may simply have a gold or silver ball at the end. It is the differences in each of these types of necklaces that make women want one such necklace to go with every outfit that they have.

Ways to Wear a Lariat Necklace

The person that wants to get the most out of the lariat necklace that they have is going to find that there are several options in how they wear this. First, they can wear the necklace as it was designed to be worn, which would mean that the two ends hanging down are going to be in the front and fall around the breast bone. This is the main way that people will see these being worn and since they are going to fall in this area, most women find that wearing these with a low cut blouse is the best way to show the necklace off.

Other women are going to find that they can turn the necklace to wear the ends are in the back and tighten this up to form a choker. Most women are going to wear this look when they want something that is going to shock and awe when they walk in a room. Of course, this is only a look that women want who is a fan of chokers, as some women find that these are too tight. But, with the lariat necklace, the woman can make this as tight or as loose as she wants.

There are those that take their lariat necklace and turn this into a bracelet. They simply wrap the bracelet a few times around their wrists in order to get the desired effect. This is great if you are wanting versatility out of the jewelry that you have in your possession, and many women find that this is a way to go for a totally different look with using the same jewelry.

The last way in which women can wear a lariat necklace is to use this as a waist definer. The woman will want to put this around the waist, much as she would a belt. However, the lariat necklace is there for decoration only and is not going to hold the pants up in any way. Most women wear this with a simple dress that they want to have a definite waistline in and a little flash to go along with this.

Those that want to have a lariat necklace in their collection are not going to be sorry for this as it can prove to be one of the most versatile pieces that they have in their collection.

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