What is an Arrow Rest?

Arrow rests are pretty simple to understand, they are the ones that will keep arrows in the right position until you fire your shot. Here, we will be discussing what you need to know about these arrow rests.

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Arrow Rest Types

Arrow rest designs come in different styles and we will be discussing the basic styles that you would be most likely choosing from when you are shopping for the right one. There are generally five types which we will be discussing below.

Containment Arrow Rests

Many hunters favor this one since the possibility that the arrow will fall down is reduced given the fact that it comes in contact with the arrow in 3 points. This works well with any type of arrow and this would be perfect for beginners. Price for this one ranges from $30 to $60. On the downside, this can cause fletching damage. Needless to say, bowhunters would find this as a really great choice.

In the containment arrow rest type, the Whisker Biscuit is apparently one of the most popular brands. Needless to say, many people either love this brand or totally hate it. Even when fletcher damage is one of the consequences, there are still many archers who love this.

Drop Away Arrow Rests

This is a type which has gained popularity over the years because it holds the arrow in an upright direction and falls away which allows fletching clearance. This will also cause less friction between the bow and the arrow but this is quite fancy at $50 to $100.

Shoot-thru Arrow Rests

This also happens to be a faintly popular choice for those who own arrows and as stated, this has two prongs with a distance between them that is equal to 2/3 of the arrow’s diameter. Containing the arrow is one of the biggest challenges for this type of arrow holder, though. The arrow can be knocked out of the rest prongs easily which is highly inconvenient. You can also use arrow holders but they can be cumbersome.

Pressure/Plunger Rests

These are also referred to as Shoot Around or Finger Shooter Rest. This is actually a special rest that allows you to push back from the side so the horizontal oscillation can be counteracted. This allows the shooter to get the best tune for a bow that is released by a finger.

What arrow rest type should I choose?

The arrow type that you should choose must meet your shooting practices and needs. There is no one perfect rest for all archers and you should consider your needs and find the rest that would be most appropriate for it. The arrow that you are using is also a consideration.

What is the perfect arrow rest to Buy?

As previously stated, this should meet your shooting style. Consistent arrow release is a consideration although the perfect rest is one that allows you to improve your aim and at the same time will not cause you any type of discomfort.

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest Review

This is a highly versatile product which can serve all the needs of someone who is into archery since it contains a complete set of containment units for safety without compromising versatility and ease of use.



  • Comes in a Realtree AP Color
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Made from Stainless Steel


  • Setting this up is very easy
  • Many users noticed that their aiming accuracy improved
  • Highly versatile and fully adjustable


  • The clamp holding the cord is designed poorly
  • Some orders did not arrive in the right color
  • There were customers who received damaged products

Truglo Downdraft RT Xtra Drop-Away Arrow Rest Review

This is the arrow rest that an archer who hates the bounce could live with since it comes with a drop away design to ensure that this will not be in your way and won’t cause any kind of discomfort while you are out hunting with our bow and arrow.



  • Does not require any bow press
  • Arrow loading is silenced by the technical rubber dampener
  • Has sealed bushing to increase the speed during a launch


  • Effective in improving bow accuracy
  • Adjusting the armrest is very easy
  • Comes with an excellent quality


  • Cannot be used for a left-handed bow
  • Some people do not like the design of the product
  • Does not come with a foam tape

Drop Away Arrow Rest from New Archery Apache Review

This is a quick operation arrow rest and there is no need for several tools to install this, it is highly versatile and adjusting this is really easy so anyone could use it without any problems.



  • Comes in a camo color
  • Has a 360 degree sound dampening feature
  • Great for use in any type of weather condition


  • Comes with a really awesome design
  • Shot patterns were remarkably straighter with this arrow rest
  • Has a very reasonable price compared to other products


  • Does not fit a bow that fires through the bow’s center
  • This seems to be a bit too heavy
  • The arrow rest is not as silent as similar products

Ultra – Rest QAD Hunter Review

This is an easily adjustable rest which comes with a breakaway safety feature to ensure that you will always stay safe while you are using this for when you are out hunting with your arrow.



  • Uses Velocity Draw technology
  • This will allow the archer to shoot shorter arrows
  • This has a cord that is easily adjustable and comes with a cable clamp


  • Could contain the arrows securely
  • Sold at a highly affordable price
  • Setting this up is not hard to do


  • Replacing the felt that comes with the felt is expensive
  • Half of the product is made from plastic and only half is made from metal
  • The screws holding the rest could come loose easily

Bottom Line

Arrow rests are very useful to archers. Needless to say, it is vital to choose one that meets your specific purpose and activity in mind. You need to look into the features of the arrow rest as well as what it can do so you can choose the right one.