Everyone has their own personal preferences for a vacuum cleaner and it’s important to find a model that fits your specific needs and the needs of your home or office.  Below we’ve featured a number of factors and features that you should consider before investing in a dust killer of your own.

Cord Length and Retractability

A longer cord usually means more ease when vacuuming your home, as you don’t have to constantly be moving the cord from the outlet to outlet. Consider the size of your home and rooms when choosing your vacuum cleaner, to make sure that you’ll have a long enough cord.

Some people also can’t stand wrapping up their cord when they’re finished vacuuming, and if this is you then you should go for a unit with a retractable cord.  One push of a button and the cord wraps itself up with no hassle or extra effort.

Corded VS. Cordless

A lot of people have gotten sick of dealing with cords or carrying a heavy vacuum up the stairs, and have opted for a cordless model.  Depending on your home’s set up (one level or multilevel), size and floor type, a cordless vacuum could be a nice fit for you.

Typically cordless units are smaller and lighter, and with that decreased weight often comes less power and a smaller dirt canister. You’ll likely have to replace the battery at some point as well.  We recommend a cordless vacuum for a smaller cleaning area like an apartment without too many heavy carpets as a great way to save space and extra effort of pushing around a heavier unit.


People don’t often consider a vacuum cleaner’s weight before making their purchase and this can be a big mistake.  Imagine having to lug a heavy unit up and down a couple of flights of stairs every time you need to clean your home.

Sure most newer units are light enough to manage, yet you still want to consider who will be using the vacuum and how many stairs you have in your home when choosing a heavier vacuum, as you don’t want this chore to turn into a backbreaker.

Surface Type

It’s important to make sure that you have an appropriate machine for your specific floor type.  Think about how much of your home is covered in hardwood or tile compared to carpet, and make sure that you choose a unit that matches up with your floor type.

If you have only hardwood floors possibly consider a Vacuum For Hardwood Floors.  The last thing you want is a unit with a spinning brush and plastic wheels to scratch up your beautiful floors.

Suction Level

Nearly every vacuum cleaner released the past few years has good suction and technology that ensures that the suction will stay strong.  That being said, always make sure to go for a unit with great suction, so that it will always collect even the deepest and smallest pieces of dust hiding away in your carpets.

A great way to ensure that your suction stays strong is through routine cleaning and maintenance of your unit.  If you go for one of the more expensive units certainly inquire about the extended warranties to make sure that no amount of time and use will result in a decreased level of suction.

Personal Comfort

A few small points to consider if you’re very concerned about personal comfort would be height adjustment and the location of the power button.  Some people prefer the power button on the handle where you can easily turn the unit on and off as opposed to near the bottom of the vacuum. Height adjustment could also be important for the taller users out there, so you don’t have to hunch over every time you clean your home.