Cleaning the bathroom is as easy as cleaning any other room in the house. Although few enjoy carrying out this chore, it is very necessary. Keeping your bathroom in a good state enables you to shun costly and unnecessary projects in the future such as bathroom renovations. All you need is to master the different specific tools needed to clean each fixture found in the bathroom.

To clean a bathroom, commence by removing any uncalled for items in the bathroom. These include clothes, trash, cups just to mention a few. If there are portable cabinets, remove them too for a while so that it gets easy to clean the surfaces beneath them. Into the toilet bowl, add a powerful disinfectant. Dip the toilet brush into the toilet bowl as a way of sanitizing it. While you do this, the fan should be switched on to make sure there is apt ventilation in the room.

The Top-down Method

Basically, to clean any room a top-down procedure is practiced. Consequently, start by getting rid of the ghastly looking cobwebs on the ceiling and at the corners of the walls. Use a brush to remove the rest of the dirt from the surfaces. You can direct the dust to the floor surface since you are yet to clean it. After all the dirt is eliminated, start cleaning. You can start with the windows and walls. If you detect the presence of mold on the ceiling, spray a disinfectant and leave the room for a while before carrying on with your cleaning task.

The shower is the one section that many people tend to forget to clean. On the walls of the shower, spray with a cleaning detergent. Leave it to work effectively for several minutes. The ideal cleaning agents for the shower are cleansers that have an ability to eradicate any soap scum that may have adhered to the head of the shower. After the brief wait, clean the shower, shower walls, and head. Use hot water to rinse these parts. The shower curtain, if present should be thoroughly washed.

Don’t use the same cloth

The next part of the bathroom to clean is the area having fixtures. Different bathrooms have unique bathroom designs. Some have the bathtub, sink, and toilet all on one wall. No matter the design of the bathroom, do not use the same cloth to clean two different fixtures. The cloth used to clean the mirror should be different from the one used to clean the exterior of the toilet. As you clean the sink and counter, make certain that all soap scum and toothpaste is wiped out.

Thoroughly cleanse the toilet bowl using a toilet brush then flush. By this time, the disinfectant you poured to the bowl has already sanitized the bowl. Finally, sweep the floor to get rid of dirt particles. After sweeping, use a mop and clean water to clean the floor. Do not forget to remove the storage cabinets you had initially removed.

Tip for drying the toilet brush

First, wash the toilet brush with hot water and then hang it upside-down for a few hours and it will dry eventually, then you can put it back in its place.