While cat owners love their pets they don’t love having their furniture torn to shreds and many cat owners see the only way to take care of this problem is by declawing their cat. There are declawing alternatives, so if you don’t want to go down the declawing route you’ll need to take some preventive measures instead.

People say declawing is not a painful procedure while I don’t agree no one can say for sure how long the kitten or cat may have pain later down the road. Declawing is a removal of the claws and the last bone in their claw it’s often referred to as “their toe” it’s really not a toe but it is a term we can understand and visualize.

I’m sorry but having the top part of your “toe” cut off would hurt. But let’s put away that unpleasantness and see what we can do to prevent your cats from clawing your furniture.

Scratching is a part of life for cats it’s a basic instinct, even if you declaw your cat they’re still going to pretend scratch it’s just their nature. Scratching keeps their muscles toned. You’ll have to train your cats to use a scratching post or a similar item other than the furniture.

Sisal scratching posts are a good way to help prevent your cat from scratching your furniture. If you have a cat tree or own a cat condo and it’s wrapped only with carpet add some sisal rope to it if possible. If you don’t your cats won’t know the difference between your couch and the cat tree. They will treat your couch like a giant cat toy.

If you get a sisal post find one that’s long enough for your cat to fully stretch their legs, about 32 inches is good. If your cat seems reluctant to use the scratching post try a swinging cat toy that your cat loves around it or place it on top to get your cat playing. Once he or she may accidentally scratch the post and love it, of course, it may take more than one time than that.

Another alternative is a corrugated cardboard scratching pad which my cats love to tear to shreds and unfortunately the shreds are all over the carpet. That is something you may want to consider if you get a scratching pad made of cardboard, you will have to vacuum or sweep up the mess regularly.

Another alternative to declawing is “Soft Claws” they’re like artificial nails for kitties. They come in beautiful colors and may last for about 4 to 6 weeks. If you can get your cat to sit long enough to put those on great.

The next declawing alternative is trimming your cat’s nails something you should start when they’re young. If you have an older cat you may not be able to do this without having to take them to the vet.

It makes take some diligence on your part but you can get your cats to use the scratching post and not your couch…

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