Gardens and lawns constitute the most beautiful sections of any house. But their maintenance does take a toll on all of us. From sowing seeds to planting trees to watering them – everything requires your whole-hearted attention. What requires the maximum attention is the maintenance because gardens and lawns inevitably grow weeds which are most harmful to other plants and trees. This is where the role of different kinds of string trimmer becomes significant. There are various kinds of string trimmers available in the market but extreme caution has to be maintained while using them. The reason being trimmers are technologically and mechanically quite difficult to use and require one to be immensely heedful about the methods of operating them.

The different kinds of safety measures to be taken can be categorized under the following headings:

Use Of Proper Clothing

Most companies that manufacture string trimmers constantly stress on the fact that anyone operating this equipment should wear loose, long pants having no cuffs. This helps in easy movement which is necessary while lawn mowing and grass trimming. Goggles and earplugs are a necessity to protect your eyes and ears from flying grass and dry weeds.

Wearing Of Protective Shoes And Gloves

Never wear sneakers. Instead, wear steel-toed boots so that your feet are protected from the heavy and vigorous movements of the string trimmers. Also, gloves should not be forgotten because they protect your hands from blebs or blisters, callosities, and sores. This needs the gloves to be water-proof and long-lasting.

Maintaining a string trimmer is another tough task if you do not know what to do. The maintenance of string trimmers includes the following basic things:

The Basic Procedure

One of the most important things to be kept in mind is to make sure that there is no non-participant bystander while you are operating a string trimmer. This is to ensure that there are no unwanted injuries and unpleasant incidents. A radius of at least 50 feet should be maintained. One should also be careful about the movement because this machine has an anti-clockwise movement and you should always walk on the right side of the equipment.

Care And Maintenance

The string trimmer needs good care from its owner to keep itself functioning properly. For this, you have to keep it in good working conditions so that it does not become rusty. After every use, it should be cleaned and no dry grass or weed is left inside the machine. Moreover, it is advisable that the machine is not used during rains because it makes wet grass stick to the concrete which becomes very tiresome and in fact difficult to remove. Also, the wet machine easily sticks to clothes. This is very dangerous because it might cause serious injury or accidents.

Fuelling And Engine Care

If you find that the machine is short on fuel while running it, just make sure that the machine fully cools down before you put fuel in it. This will prevent a fire breakout. The engine requires utmost attention and the gas-powered models should undergo regular engine maintenance.

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