According to some of the newest, plausible and multiple researches that have been conducted on the area of business and the most fruitful opportunities in the world of business, the working position of a welder, in particular, was ranked quite high on the top list of the recently most sound business investments and the working positions that are most likely to bring you the greatest profit.

Having that in mind, it would be beneficial to get to know some of the useful data and some of the useful pieces of information that are connected to this working position that is gaining more and more popularity, especially in the recent few years. What it takes to become a welder and afterward, what it takes one to enhance their welding business once they have started their career in this area successfully – these are the questions that the people interested in starting their career in welding might ask themselves. Therefore, the aim of this article is to try to reach their expectations and answer these questions.

What Do Welders Do

The first question that may pop up when any working position is at stake, especially when it is asked by someone who is not enough or event not at all familiar with the working position mentioned is how to obtain the required skills and qualities and meet up the expectations of a certain working position in order to get informed about how to start their career in the certain field.

When it comes to welding and welders, the most common occupation of this vocation is to work with metal materials of various kinds. For example, welders work with aluminum, steel, and other metal materials. Besides, they can also choose to work with metal supplies and produce metal supplies. That sounds like the most attractive opportunity especially to the ones who are not mostly assured in their own skills and proficiency regarding welding. In addition, people in the welding business can also dedicate to selling welding products and get engaged in welding service and transport, as well as cooperate with those who work in the fabrication industry.

To sum this paragraph up, these are the most common occupations of a welder:

  • fabricating aluminum products
  • fabricating steel products
  • producing aluminum and steel supplies
  • producing metal supplies
  • mobile welding
  • welding service and trade
  • running a blog about welding
  • cooperating with fabrication industries

Work Environment of a Welder

When it comes to the working environment of a welder, there are a few possibilities that need to be presented in this article in order for the reader to form a complete opinion on what it takes to become a welder. To start with, for most of the time, most of the welders are used to working in certain industrial facilities. Nevertheless, if one is starting out with a private business in welding according to their own preferences, one can also create a private space, in other words, a private venue or facility that enables workers to engage in welding and create various products and supplies. In addition to all of that, as it has been previously mentioned, many people engaged in welding business choose not only to fabricate products but to engage in welding trade and welding service as well. Therefore, they will also need to take their work outdoors. That refers to mobile welders mostly.

To sum up, here is the list of the possible work environments of a welder:

  • industrial facility
  • private facility
  • an office (regarding welding trade and service or running a blog)
  • outdoors (working with clients)

Challenges of Welding as a Working Position

This article has so far given a few pieces of information about what it means to be a welder, or in other words, what the basis and the basic details, as well as requirements of this working position, are. Now, the question about whether there are any challenges regarding this particular working position or not may arise. The same as it works for the majority of vocations people get engaged in, of course, there are various challenges welding imposes on the ones that engage in it as well. Firstly, one has to investigate the market thoroughly and be up to date with the news about welding and welding techniques and to always be up to date with all the information about welding. Besides, one engaged in welding needs to obtain certain skills, certificates, and broad experience, as well as to carefully decide on who among the people from similar occupations one may cooperate with.

How to Become a Welder

Having found out what welders commonly do, what some of their most usual preoccupations are as well as what skills are on top of the list of the ones required from a welder that has headed for the future success, the next question that may logically arise is how one can become a welder. To become a welder, the same as it works for the most of all the human occupations and working positions, one needs to have certain skills and also to undergo a suitable training program in ordered to learn about the working process itself and achieve the requirements set for all the future welders who desire to appear as professionals and who get their future job seriously.

Therefore, one of the aims of this article is to inform the readers about what exactly the requirements set for a future welder are and how one can achieve them and become a successful welder. After explaining those crucial facts about this working position, this article will proceed to give pieces of advice on how one can enhance one’s welding business once one has successfully started out with it.

How to Create a Growth-Oriented Business

So far, this article has already given some pieces of information about what the skills required of a welder are as well as what the possible work environments in this working position might be. Once one has started out their welding business successfully, the next logical step is to get informed about how to enhance their business and make it growth-oriented. In order to improve your welding business, first of all, you will need to investigate the market and to always be up to date with the most fruitful opportunities that appear for you out there. Besides that, every potentially successful business person must be willing to choose the most suitable partners to collaborate with. This is essential regarding almost any working career and area. In addition to that, every successful business person must be ready to think outside the box and not to be afraid of taking risks or trying new methods out, such as leading a blog about their business.

Training and Education

This paragraph aims to give information about what type and level of education are expected from a future welder and kind of training they may need to undergo. First of all, welders are not required to reach a high level of formal education. Simply obtaining a high school diploma or an equivalent of this diploma are the minimal requirements. This is because some of the employers require their welders to have experience as apprentices or to have postsecondary education. Some employers may also require the completion of welding-based tests. In order to obtain these requirements, future welders need to choose the suitable program, whether a formal education one or an apprenticeship program, that reaches the expectations of their future employers. Here is the list of the possibilities in how to get the proper education and training as a welder.

Formal Education

When it comes to formal education, some employers do not require a high level of it to be achieved from their future employees in welding. Many of them consider a high school diploma or any equivalent as a completely satisfactory proof of their future employee’s knowledge. The others may have different preferences – they may require an undergraduate degree from a technical school, vocation school or a community college.

To assist you in choosing the right school in order to get prepared for a future welding career, here is the list of the schools that offer the best welding programs:

  • Lincoln Tech – located in Connecticut, requires being a high school graduate or having a completed GED
  • Fortis College – has campuses in Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania offers classroom-based programs of welding and welding technology
  • Penn Foster High School – students are required to be at least at 14 years of age and have their eighth grade completed, based on online learning
  • Pearl River Community College – located in Mississippi, the curriculum includes a few areas: Coursework, Diploma, Associate, Mechanic, and Repair Technologies (Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigerator Repairing), Precision Metal Working (Machine Stop Technologies, Welding Technology, Vehicle Repair, and Maintenance)
  • Dunwoody College of Technology – located in Minnesota, offers a program of Welding Technology among the department Precision Metal Working
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College – located in Wisconsin, offers a program of welding Technology among the department of Precision Metal Working.

High Level of Formal Education

Most of the employees in the business of welding do not set achieving a high level or degree in formal education as demand for their future employees. Nevertheless, some people who desire to obtain more thorough knowledge in the field of welding have a few opportunities ahead. They may aim for a Welding Certificate of Achievement, as well as an Associate of Science in Welding or a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering.

Here is the list of some high educational institutions where the certificates mentioned can be obtained:


Although they do not seek a high level of formal education from their future employees, the majority of employers in the field of welding require their employees to present them with a proof of their experience as apprentices. There are numerous possibilities offered to a welder who desires to gain more experience and become more capable of doing complex tasks. Therefore, if an apprenticeship is your employer’s requirement, make sure to go for it.

Seminars and Online Courses

Apart from engaging in apprenticeship, there are other possibilities for gaining informal education in the field of welding. Here is the list of some of the useful seminars and courses that may help future welders gain more knowledge in the field:

In addition to all the seminars and courses listed, there are also a number of virtual conferences one can attend in order to gain more useful pieces of information and advice in the field of welding. There are also educational sources such as blogs and Youtube welding channels.

Specialists’ Assistance

If one desires any further assistance during their education and training in welding, one might find it useful to communicate and exchange knowledge and information with a specialist. That is always possible by visiting the Instructors Institute. There is a possibility to visit this institute online, which will save a lot of your time.

Certificate and Degree in Welding

As it has been previously said, the requirements for a future welder differ from employer to employer. Any of them may impose different demands on their future employees. In order to obtain the right proof of your knowledge and experience as a welder, make sure to get informed about what are the ones that the employer you chose finds suitable. Here is the list of certain certificates and degrees that may be required from welders:

  • High School Diploma or a Diploma of equivalent level
  • Certificate in Apprenticeship
  • Undergraduate Degree from a technical school, vocation school, or a community college
  • Welding Certificate of Achievement
  • Associate of Science in Welding
  • Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering


The research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics combines a few similar occupations in order to determine their common average annual salary. Those similar job vocations are welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers. According to the research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary for each of these occupations is $ 41,380. The research was conducted in the year 2018.

Job Outlook

When it comes to job outlook in welding business, the research conducted recently by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the working positions of welders, cutters, solderers, and blazers have marked a significant projected job growth of 6% for the period 2016-2026. When the working position of a welder and welding business itself is at stake, it must be pointed out that there is a huge variety of opportunities and different positions one can choose from in the field of welding. Some of the people in this field may prefer working with aluminum or steel and creating products of those materials, as working with these two materials, in particular, appears as a sound investment especially in recent years, according to a renowned research.

The ones who do not have much confidence when it comes to their skills in fabricating products decide to resort to aluminum, steel or any other kind of metal supplies, which appears to be equally fruitful as using pure aluminum or steel. Welding service and trade, as well as mobile welding, are also the working positions in the field of welding that are highly required on the market nowadays. In order to help the readers and the potential future welders among them decide which of these positions they would like to choose, here is a list of the most common occupations of a welder:

Aluminum Products

a Thorough research of the field of welding has shown that, especially in the few recent years and the current year of 2019, working with aluminum projects appeared as a fruitful business opportunity as well as a sound investment. Therefore, those who are ambitious about improving their welding business and are eager to find the material to work with which will bring them the greatest profit should definitely consider fabricating aluminum products.

Steel Products

Along with the fabrication of aluminum products, those who are seriously engaged in the field of welding business and wish to improve their business should consider resorting to fabricating steel products. The same as aluminum products, steel products are the ones that are constantly needed on the market. Therefore, fabricating and releasing such products will definitely appear as a sound investment to anyone who is seriously engaged in it.

Aluminum Supplies

When it comes to choosing the material you wish to work with from a broad range of those that are available, one might encounter the obstacle of not being enough self-assured or not being so convinced in their welding skills to risk working with materials such as pure aluminum and steel. There is a solution to such a problem. Apart from aluminum and steel products, aluminum supplies and steel supplies are by no means neglected on the market. Therefore, all the ones who feel insecure about starting to work with pure aluminum may resort to producing aluminum supplies, such as aluminum doors, wardrobes, windows, etc. as they are extremely popular on the market and widely used.

Steel Supplies

The same as some business persons engaged in the field of welding do not estimate their welding skills high enough to decide to take up working with pure steel and fabricating steel products may not get discouraged to keep being engaged in the welding business. The same as it works for those who resort to working with aluminum supplies instead of pure aluminum due to the lack of the skills required may also resort to producing steel supplies rather than fabricating steel products. Some of these products may be steel rods, angles and sheets and all of them may be offered to the local community.

Welding Service and Trade

Although one engaged in welding may be quite successful when starting a small, local business and fabricating various products in cooperation with suitable partners, welding is by no means all about fabricating products of metal materials and producing a range of metal supplies. There is a whole load of further opportunities for your career in welding. As a serious and ambitious business person, you must investigate the market and start selling the products among the local community. This will definitely appear as a fruitful business opportunity.

Mobile Welding

This is a position that takes a person engaged in welding business outdoors, in order to present certain products and communicate with the local community and potential customers. In order to obtain a group of loyal customers, apart from being informed about and educated in welding, one must have exceptional communication skills and one must be up to date with the latest news from the local market.

Running a Blog about Welding

It is common knowledge that every business person who has headed towards success must be willing to think outside the box. The same definitely applies to the ones who are engaged in the welding business. As it has been previously said, welding is not only about fabricating products and producing supplies. Apart from that and getting in touch with the local community and the other producers in order to sell certain products successfully, one can also engage in representing various products through writing a blog about welding.

Similar Occupations

If one desires to gain success in their future career, they must carefully examine the market and be informed about the opportunities that may be offered to them. Speaking of opportunities, one of the greatest of them may be to find a suitable person, company of a field similar to yours so you can successfully cooperate and create a partnership that will be beneficial to both sides. Therefore, in order to decide who to collaborate with as a welder, here is the list of occupations similar to welding:

  • Fabrication Industries
  • Cutters
  • Solderers
  • Brazers

Among the occupations listed, the one that shares the greatest number of similarities with welding is fabrication industry. Therefore, it would be a sound investment to both welders and the ones engaged in this industry to cooperate and work on to various business projects together.