To put it the simplest way possible, fashion is important, especially nowadays. However, everyone may agree on the fact that it was the case in the previous times of the history of the human civilization as well. Why has fashion always been so important? Many people among us might have asked themselves the questioned mentioned even a hundred times. So, where can we seek the answer to that question?

Until we come up with the best answer, let us first think about whom we should thank for being able to witness such a rapid development of fashion and a huge variety of new styles that may be marked in the past decades. Those people we should be thankful for are nobody else than fashion designers! Therefore, this article will get down to highlighting that working occupation. We hope that this article will appear interesting to both the ones who are simply interested in fashion, to the ones who are already fashion-freaks and also to the ones who are already engaged in working as fashion designers.

Fashion Indisputably Matters in Our Society

Well, the most appropriate answer would be that fashion is not only down to what is in or out at a certain time, to use contemporary fancy terms. It is actually the other way around – clothing style was, through the ages, one of the most important social categories, as fashion and clothing style provided one with the ability to determine which social standard a particular person has. That is not nuclear physics – if someone wears more fashionable clothes that are obviously designed with utmost precision and that cost a huge amount of money as well, one may easily conclude that a person who wears such clothes is far from being poor and far from a social margin.

Since we have come to the conclusion that fashion is crucial within the realms of determining one’s social status, let us relate to the ones who are responsible for shaping new styles and designing new garments that hit the shelves every season. In other words, let us get down to talking about fashion designers, about what they do, what their working position entails and how a person may become one of them. We hope that will be interesting and useful to you!

What Do Fashion Designers Do?

The easiest way to describe a profession of a fashion designer would be to simply say that they design new clothes and determine new styles, which are very likely to change every year (or even during the same year), although they sometimes gain inspiration from previous trends in fashion.

However, would such a simplistic statement appear persuasive to any of the readers? Is the vocation of a fashion designer only down to trendsetting? We do not think so. If some of the readers out there are dissatisfied with that simplistic answer the same as we are, let us strive to find out more about what the profession of a fashion designer entails.

One does not have to conduct a thorough investigation in order to get to find out what responsibilities and everyday tasks the vocation of a fashion designer entails.

If you are not into doing meticulous research, you may check out the following list that includes the basic duties of a fashion designer:

  • Before they make the final product, fashion designers need to study trends and to be up to date with them.
  • Fashion designers also sketch the initial clothing or accessory design.
  • Fashion designers attend trade shows to get a better image of the current trends, of course.
  • Fashion designers also visit manufacturers in order to select fabrics and materials.
  • They create outlets for fashion catalogs and fashion magazines, such as Vogue.

Having all these duties in mind, we must also highlight that there are two basic different types of fashion design, and those are:

  • Clothes Design
  • Accessories Design

It is easy to conclude that those two are often interwoven and tightly bonded since it is important to match the clothing with accessories and jewelry. This statement once again brings to light the fact that fashion design is by no means not only down to designing clothes.

Versatile Vocation

We have already concluded through this article that fashion design is not strictly averted to one single area of clothing design. Nonetheless, fashion designers need to undergo various preparations in order to present a new collection or even a single new garment. In addition to that, some fashion designers may prefer to design accessories and jewelry rather than to mess with materials and tailoring. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that fashion design is a highly versatile vocation.

Work Environment of Fashion Designers

We have just managed to determine in the previous paragraph that being a fashion designer is a highly versatile vocation. And guess what – that is not the only thing! Moreover, fashion designers are also provided with various possibilities when it comes to choosing the most suitable work environment. They have a broad range of places and venues where they can work their miracles and express their creativity in order to present the public with freshly new clothes and collections.

In order to become more familiar with all the possibilities that fashion designers have when it comes to choosing the perfect spot to work at, let us present you with a shortlist:

  • An office, within a small or a huge facility or within a small or a large fashion corporation
  • In a co-working space, which may also be placed within a larger facility and where fashion designers have a chance to work with their colleagues in order to exchange ideas and views on fashion
  • Fashion magazines, where they cooperate with fashion photographers in order to create the most compelling and jaw-dropping content
  • Working from home – Since fashion design is a vocation that nowadays requires the use of technical equipment and computer programs in order to conceive a new collection or an item of clothing, many fashion designers resort to working from home and communicating with their colleagues and superiors via the Internet since it appears much easier. In addition to that, many fashion designers nowadays choose to work as freelancers and to offer their ideas to various companies, fashion corporations, fashion magazines, and employers. There are various Internet platforms where they can perform such work, for example:
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • PeoplePerHour

How to Become a Fashion Designer?

How to become a fashion designer, or in other words, how to become the one who sets new trends and has a job in a famous fashion corporation or fashion company? Since this article has the aim to bring to light the profession of a fashion designer, it would be incomplete if it did not include some hacks and pieces of advice related to what it takes to take up this attractive working position.

Therefore, if you are interested in clothing design or accessories design, check out the following list of skills required from a fashion designer:

  • Initial Sketch
  • Patternmaking
  • Sewing
  • Tailoring
  • Being up to date with the upcoming trends
  • Creativity is a must!
  • Being artistic
  • Personal Styling
  • Being familiar with various materials and fabrics
  • Extensive traveling
  • Being familiar with clothing design software
  • Being remarkable and easy to recognize

Believe it or not, in addition to being extremely creative and being able to combine various materials, a fashion designer must relentlessly strive to find where to reap new ideas for clothing design. Therefore, a good solution is to become an extensive traveler in order to become familiar with various clothing styles. Sometimes, fashion designers do gain inspiration from traditional clothes around the world.

In conclusion, a fashion designer needs to have a passion for fashion and adventure.

Education and Training in Fashion Design

Whatever working position may be at stake, as we all know quite well, skills are not enough to get a job and one needs to undergo a thorough educational process in order to prepare oneself for diving into a certain working position. The same applies to fashion design and working for fashion corporations as well.

It seems that, at least nowadays, it tends to be more popular to gain non-formal education in fashion design via various courses than to enroll in a program of fashion design at a certain university. Nonetheless, one who undergoes a non-formal course also gains an accredited license, which allows one to start working in the field of fashion design. Therefore, we will first get down to listing various fashion design courses.

While going through the content on the website called Screen Skills, one may find a list of interesting courses in fashion design such as:

If one finds this list useful, one may follow this link to gain further information:

In addition to that, theoretical knowledge is by no means sufficient when it comes to vocations such as fashion design, which require a lot of creativity and practice. Therefore, in order to become a successful fashion designer, one must also apply for an apprenticeship in fashion and textiles.

When it comes to apprenticeships, we will relate to formal education since various colleges offer apprenticeship programs that are related to fashion design, such advanced apprenticeship programs creative and digital media.

In order to help you choose the right one and give you a hint for your search, we have created a list of the colleges and institutions that offer apprenticeship programs in fashion and textile:

After one has successfully completed one of the apprenticeship programs in fashion and textile, one may proudly claim that he or she is very likely to become a successful fashion designer and to start working for a famous fashion company.

Degree and Certification

If one desires to become a fashion designer or an accessories designer and to work for a fashion company or a fashion publication such as Vogue and Drapers, one must obtain required certification to prove one is qualified in the field of fashion design.

In order to obtain these qualifications and reach the job requirements, one needs to complete a certain course in fashion design and get at least an:

  • Undergraduate degree.

In addition to that, one must present confirmation of one’s practical skills, such as a:

  • Confirmation of a completed apprenticeship in fashion and textiles.


Have you ever wondered how much do fashion designers make? According to the results of the research conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average annual salary of a fashion designer reaches the amount of $72,220. Whereas this amount applies to the ones with an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, a slightly different sum is earned by high fashion designers, from whom formal education is not commonly required. A median annual salary of a high fashion designer is $63,670.

Job Outlook

When it comes to job outlook, fashion designers have various opportunities for employment, such as:

  • Clothing Design
  • Accessories Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Working for fashion publications and magazines
  • Creating fashion outlets
  • Creating collections for Fashion Week and similar events

A fashion designer needs to apply various skills, such as computing and interpersonal skills, on whatever working position they choose from the ones among the list.

Similar Occupations

There are various occupations similar to the one of fashion design. To start with, fashion design itself divides into a few occupations, such as clothing design, accessories design, and jewelry design. Moreover, fashion designers, especially the ones who work for fashion publications, must cooperate with fashion photographers and fashion journalists.