All of us would definitely agree on the fact that, through the recent years, we have all been witnessing rapid growth as well as rapid and fast-paced development of industry, and it also seems that economy is growing and developing alongside industry with no less pace. In addition to that, since the economy and the industry, as some of the crucial areas of human activity nowadays have marked such remarkable growth, it is obvious that these areas and need to be thoroughly organized. Industry, as well as the economy, needs to be divided into sections. In order to make that possible, we have come to making various new vocations to help maintain various sectors of both the economy and industry.

Since we have said that the economy and industry need to be divided and somehow organized, people who are engaged in business found companies and corporations in order to dedicate to their business and to gather around themselves the people who tend to be most suitable to cooperate with and the ones who appear as the most suitable potential employees.

Questions Related to the Occupation of an Accountant

Since business, industry, and economy are so complex nowadays, they need to be thoroughly organized. On top of that, someone needs to keep track of what is going on in these areas or in single business operations and that person needs to consider many factors. And who else would do that if not an accountant? Therefore, this article will dedicate to bring up the working occupation of an accountant. This article aims to deal with questions such as: How to Become an Accountant? What does it take to become an accountant? What type of education one needs to become an accountant? and so on.

Essential Vocation

Being an accountant is an essential vocation, as it was implicated in the previous paragraph. Therefore, this article will get down to explaining what makes the occupation of an accountant so essential. First of all, accountants are utterly important nowadays, especially in the world of business and large corporations and companies since they provide business persons with the possibility to have the costs of their business operations carefully and thoroughly tracked in order for those business persons to be informed about them. Therefore, the vocation of an accountant is more than essential nowadays.

What Does an Accountant Do –  Accountant Job Description

The aim of this article is to discuss the inevitable working occupation of an accountant, and we strive to make this article helpful for both the ones who are simply interested in this working position and the ones who might already be engaged in it or the ones who are considering taking accounting up as their future working position. Therefore, this article will bring up some of the main duties and responsibilities that come along with the vocation of an accountant.

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In order to answer that question, here is a shortlist of the duties of an accountant:

  • They need to look beyond the financial statements
  • They need to be open-minded
  • Understand and apply financial concepts
  • Create and monitor non-financial measures
  • Prepare liability, capital accountant entries, and asset by analyzing accountant information
  • Keeps the track of financial transactions according to the pieces of information obtained
  • They analyze accounting options and suggest new measures according to their analyses
  • The audit documents in order to substantiate financial transactions
  • Present the results of the analyses conducted on the information they collected
  • Accountants prepare various policies and procedures in order to recommend the most suitable financial measures and to lead their company towards sound investments
  • An accountant also guides accounting clerical staff by answering questions and coordinating activities
  • Accountants also make sure to maintain the safety of the information by creating database backups

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Work Environment of an Accountant

Whatever working position may be at stake, we would all agree on the fact that it is quite useful to know where a person engaged in it is most likely to work. Therefore, let us find out what the possibilities for accountants are when it comes to their work environment.

To start with, let us make a shortlist of work environments of an accountant:

  • work from home
  • work in an office
  • work in a co-working space
  • traveling to clients to conduct business
  • such industries that include payroll services
  • public sectors
  • private sectors
  • industries related to
  • finance
  • manufacturing,
  • insurance
  • tax preparation
  • management

Since we are discussing the working environment, or in other words, the terms of space regarding the vocation of an accountant, it would be beneficial to point out some facts regarding their working hours as well. According to various researchers, most of the accountants are employed full-time and some of them work even for forty hours a week. How busy and dedicated certain accountants are!

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How to Become an Accountant?

In this type of articles where we discuss certain working occupation, it is inevitable to explain how one can start a career in the occupation that is at stake. Therefore, let us ask the question: How to become an accountant? And now, let us get down to finding the best answers to that question.

To begin with, since the section about how to become an accountant is utterly important in this type of articles, we will cover it step by step, like this:

Step 1: Determining One’s Skills and Getting Informed about Accounting

Whatever working position may be at stake, everyone who takes it up must obtain some skills first. When it comes to accounting, a person is supposed to be highly responsible and reliable, as well as to have computing skills and knowledge in mathematics.

If those of the readers of this article who might be interested in becoming accountants have skimmed through this shortlist and discovered they have most of the skills mentioned, they may consider finding a way to hone their skills, get proper education and obtain a license in accounting in order to start their career in that field. In order to help those readers, we will bring up some more pieces of information on what it takes one to become a licensed accountant and to go for a successful career in accounting.

Step 2: Honing one’s Skills Through Education and Training

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. Therefore, a future accountant needs to get thoroughly informed about their future working position and also to perfect one’s computing, accounting, and mathematical skills trough courses and formal education.

Moreover, everyone needs to undergo a program of proper education and to be properly prepared in order to be able to start one’s career in whatever area. It also applies to the profession of an accountant, of course.

Therefore, this part of the article will focus mostly on how one may gain the best education in this field. We will bring up the pieces of information related to both formal and informal education, both university programs and online courses.

Step 3: Start from the Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

In order to gain the most useful information about education and training in the field of accounting, we have also visited various websites that might appear helpful. The content provided by the website called appears to offer a huge variety of important facts regarding the accounting business.

Therefore, we will consult that website while creating a shortlist of the best universities, colleges, and schools where one can obtain the best education in accounting:

Step 4: Decide on Your Future Specialty

When it comes to certain specialties in accounting, candidates are asked to provide a degree at a level further than the bachelor’s degree. Therefore, in order to decide in which direction you wish your career to go, decide on the specialty in the field of accounting you want to specialize in and choose the right master’s program.

Step 5: Choose the Most Suitable Master’s Program

When it comes to aiming for more than the Bachelor’s Degree, future accountants need to choose their specialty and pick the most suitable masters program accordingly.

When it comes to accounting, a Master’s Degree is not a must, but it might appear helpful when it comes to aiming for an enviable working position in this field, since a holder of a Master’s Degree is more likely to get such a position than the one who has only earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Therefore, do consider going to master studies if you aim for a high position in the field of accounting.

Regarding these university and college programs, it is also important to point out that they provide the students with the possibility to attain degrees of a various level – from Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, to Ph.D. in Accounting.

Step 6: Practical Work in Accounting and Licensing

If one desires to become a licensed accountant, one must complete certain practical work. In other words, obtaining a degree of a certain level of education appears not to be enough when it comes to looking for employment in the field of accounting. Therefore, we will let you know about some possibilities to get a license in accounting after completing practical work or an apprenticeship.

If you have gained your Bachelor’s Degree and become an aspiring accountant, the best choice is to go for an internship in a certain company for a while in order to get the better image of what the responsibilities of an accountant are. Having successfully completed the task mentioned, you may aim for taking the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Having passed the exam successfully, you may go for a Master’s Degree, which takes you a step further towards a bright career in accounting. Congratulations!

Step 7: Never Cease to Educate and Perfect Your Skills

If you are eager to become and remain successful in your working occupation, whatever it may be, you have to be aware of the fact that education is a continuous process. You should never cease to gain more knowledge in the field of accounting. Moreover, you should also learn from the masters – keep in touch with the colleagues who are more experienced and acquire some tricks of the trade from them.

Certification and Degree in Accounting

Whatever working position may be at stake, a certificate that proves one’s experience and a degree of a certain level is a must. Therefore, here is a list of the degrees that may be obtained by a future accountant:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
  • Master’s Degree in Accounting
  • Ph.D. in Accounting


Have you ever wondered how much does an accountant earn? According to the research conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average annual salary of an accountant reaches the amount of $70,500, which is the same as the median salary earned by auditors, which is one of the occupations similar to accounting. When it comes to the predicted growth of this working position, according to the research mentioned it measures 4%.

Job Outlook

We have already suggested a few times in this article that accounting is an essential vocation, especially nowadays. Various industries, such as manufacturing, banking, and many others are in the constant need for skillful accountants. Therefore, if they are eager to dedicate to their vocation and work, they will find a workplace easily, whether in the private or public sector.

Similar Occupations

The first occupation that comes to mind and that is very similar to the one of accounting is the profession of a financial analyst. Financial analysts also need to keep track of the costs made by the company they work at and to suggest new strategies. On the other hand, accountants need to analyze financial transactions and keep the information safe. Besides, accounting has much in common with the vocations of auditors and managers.

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