If you think Ion is a scientific-sounding name for a haircare line, you are right. Ion has been developing its superior products from the latest in research and technology since 1996. A favorite of high-end salons and stylists, Ion will become your go-to brand for the best in hair dare.

Whether you have normal hair, color-treated hair, or hair damaged by the elements, you will find an Ion line to suit your needs, just read Ion shampoo reviews. This company also makes styling products, problem-solvers, and styling tools. In fact, Ion has about 350 products available, and they are developing more. From color to shampoo to flat iron to brushes to finishing spray, you will be thrilled with the results from your Ion products.

Of course, Ion does not use animals for testing its products or ingredients – and will not be associated with any form that condones such a practice. Most of its products are entirely vegan. The only animal-derived ingredients are natural additives like silk, beeswax, and honey – and those are collected without harm. Even the lanolin and keratin come from sheep’s wool, not the sheep. You can feel good about using Ion’s excellent products.

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Even the best formulas can leave behind a little residue. Also, exposing your hair to the elements, environmental pollutants, and chlorine can add to build-up. When you notice your usually-wonderful hair isn’t doing what you want, you will find that build-up is the culprit. No need to worry, for Ion has a clarifying shampoo just for you. These special cleaners make your hair clean and shiny once again by removing the residue, and they do it gently. Reas this Ion shampoo reviews to see how they do that.


Check out Ion shampoo reviews of these three specially-formulated clarifiers:

Ion Clarifying Shampoo Review

This shampoo is the solution for your hair if you have the usual type of build-up. Perhaps you use a gel or a wax to style your hair, or maybe that super-hold hairspray. In any case, your hair is threatened by that nasty gunk that they leave behind. Add that to oils and other dirt your hair collects, and you have a real mess. The best thing to do in this situation is to find a clarifying shampoo that is really beneficial to your hair and can take care of that residue for you. If you want your hair strong and shiny, this is definitely the right move, and we have just the product for you! Ion Clarifying Shampoo will take away that build-up and leave your hair shiny and manageable again.

Like we said, read our Ion shampoo reviews to see how it works. It works because of a chelating ingredient, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which bonds water with the gunk on your hair so it can be washed and rinsed away. It has a mild effect but is nevertheless a strong cleaner. Your hair will be super-clean but not dried out. The fresh fragrance will enliven your senses and make you feel ready for anything. Use it once a week or twice a month, and you will say good-bye to waxy build-up forever!

Ion Color Defense Clarifying Shampoo Review

Maybe you are not entirely pleased with your natural hair, or maybe you just want a different look. So, you choose to color your hair – great! But there is a risk in doing that. Everyone knows that frequent coloring is not very good for your hair. Even the best salon formulas can damage the strands of your hair, leaving it susceptible to build-up. And, since you spent good money on that rich new color, you want it to last a long time. All too often it happens that you use a great shampoo that would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that it washes out your beautiful color. Now, your worries can come to an end! Ion Color Defense Clarifying Shampoo is the perfect choice for you and the reason why you can read in Ion shampoo reviews.

This special potion cleans the residue while not stripping the color, leaving you hair super-shiny and healthy-looking. Your hair will be clean and spotless and will have its natural strength and shine once again. The secret here is the 100% vegan formula that does not include sulfates. Sulfates are extremely good cleansers which are used in many other clarifying shampoos. They work wonders with natural hair, but when it comes to hair that has been colored, they tend to work almost too well and fade your color. With this shampoo that is not an issue. You can be sure that the fruit derivatives and citric acid will make your hair vibrant and bouncy.

Ion Hard Water Shampoo Review

A lot of people have build-up on their hair from using styling products, and they have to also use a good clarifying shampoo to deal with the problem. But there is also another common issue that people are not always aware of. If you live in a place that uses well water, or particularly hard water, then you may have another type of build-up on your hair. If you expose your hair to chlorine or other pool or spa chemicals, you will also find mineral deposits on your hair. Ion Hard Water Shampoo is designed to rid your hair of these troublesome elements and keep it healthy.

Deposits from minerals like calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium can do a real number on your hair. They make it drier, and can even damage the outer layers of each strand, leading to breakage and fly-away hair. You may even see discoloration (like that greenish tint from the pool) and feel the weightiness. This Ion shampoo will make those demons disappear and will not further damage your hair in the process.

In fact, with natural ingredients and technology, Hard Water Shampoo will make hair stronger, more flexible, and easier to manage. It’s safe on chemically-treated hair, and gentle enough to use daily if you wish. Follow the label directions and read Ion shampoo reviews because your hair will thank you!