Crossfitters, football players, and many other professional athletes use tires when working out. Tires allow for grueling workouts with very little equipment.

Tires are excellent tools for building strength and muscle. Use tires in circuit training and you will become a fat-burning machine. They can provide incredibly intense workouts and they are very versatile.

Change up your workout routine and start using tires for intense workouts. Use these tire exercises for killer workouts!

Tire Flips

Tire flips are arguably the most popular tire exercise. They boost your heart rate and involve almost your entire body. Your arms, legs, glutes, core, shoulders, and back will all be activated when doing tire flips. Flips are a staple of any circuit workout using tires.

Tire flips can be used with many different sizes of tires. As you progress, move up to a heavier tire to increase the intensity. Start with the tire on the ground. Grab the underside of the tire. Squat down as if you were performing a deadlift. Lift with your legs and push the tire forward once in the raised position. Repeat the steps when the tire is flat on the ground.

Tire Sledgehammers

Sledgehammers also activate many muscle groups in your body. Simply hitting a tire with a sledgehammer can produce incredible strength gains while burning many calories.

With a tire laying flat on the ground, stand off to the side while holding a sledgehammer. Keep your feet roughly shoulder-width apart during the exercise. Have one hand be near the bottom of the handle and the other near the top. Bring the hammer overhead and swing the hammer down onto the tire while using maximum power. Repeat the steps and alternate your hands as you become more comfortable with the movement.

Tire Drags

Simply dragging tires can be an excellent way to work out your legs while burning an insane amount of calories. Your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will be exhausted after performing tire drags.

Connect yourself to the tire using cables, ropes, or anything that can pull the tire. Either wrap the rope around your waist or simply grab onto the rope to pull the tire. With the tire behind you, start moving forward with the rope. Lean forward and focus on driving forward using the power in your legs. Tire drags can be performed for sets and for distance.

Tire Push

Pushing tires is another great exercise to improve your lower body strength and power. You will be activating your leg muscles along with your core.

Choose a tire of an appropriate weight that you can push on the ground. With the tire flat on the ground, get behind the tire. Get low to the ground and push the tire while keeping your arms extended in front of you. Drive with your legs and perform as many sets for distance as needed.

Bodyweight Exercises

Many different bodyweight exercises can be performed using tires. Bodyweight exercises are great additions to tire workout circuits.

Tire jumps are great for increasing power and are simple movements. Start on one side of the tire and jump to the other side. You can also perform lateral jumps by jumping sideways rather than forward and backward.

Perform dips on tires to increase your tricep strength and size. Facing away from the tire, plant your hands on the edge of the tire with your arms extended. Place your feet in front of you with your legs extended and straight. Lower yourself until your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle. Push yourself back to the starting position using your triceps.

Other simple exercises can be done using tires. Incline and decline pushups can be done by placing your hands or feet on the tire and performing a pushup. Squats can be done by standing on the edge of the tire and squatting until your glutes make contact with the tire. Get creative when using tires in your training.

Tires Provide Intensity

You can incorporate tires into workouts using weights or you can design workout circuits using only tires. Tires are great tools for performing HIIT workouts. HIIT workouts build strength and muscle while burning many calories and boosting your metabolism.

Change up your routine by adding tires to your training regimen. Increase your strength, power, and muscle with tire workouts. You can burn the fat off and boost your metabolism using tires. Use tires for killer workouts!

Do you already use tires in your training? What is your favorite exercise using tires? Leave a comment below.