Many people avoid treadmills like they are the plague. They believe a treadmill workout is far inferior to running on the road. For some, it is comparable to running in a rat wheel with no end in sight.

The treadmill doesn’t have to be something you detest. It can be an amazing tool to help you reach your fitness goals. While running outside provides many benefits, the treadmill can also be a great asset to improve your overall fitness.

Treadmills Can Be Used In Any Climate

Do you live in a very cold climate? Are you considering skipping the run due to the hurricane-like downpour happening outside? With treadmills, you can achieve a very effective cardio workout despite the outside conditions.

While running outside is encouraged on most days, some days are just too windy, cold, or rainy to offer an effective workout. With the treadmill, you never have to worry about the outside conditions.

Using the treadmill as a tool means never using the weather as an excuse to not work out. You don’t have to worry about how many layers to wear or if you should throw on a windbreaker. Use the treadmill to stay dry indoors, except for your sweat, of course.

Save Your Joints and Correct Your Posture

Running puts stress on your body and can give a beating to your joints. Treadmills offer a more forgiving surface than running outside. Not only is assistance given from the moving belt on the treadmill, but it also offers a flat surface. The suspension systems in treadmills offer support to your joints that the road simply can’t offer.

By running on a treadmill positioned in front of a mirror, you can accurately assess your running form in realtime. You can fix common errors in running postures, such as stride length, pronation, and arm swing. Running on the treadmill can improve your outdoor running by fixing form issues and repairing injuries.

Treadmills Offer a Variety of Workouts

Are you having trouble finding an adequate hill for an intense workout? Do you have access to a track for your weekly interval workout? With a treadmill, you can perform numerous types of workouts.

Most treadmills have preset workouts integrated into the machine. Whether you are looking for a hill workout or a fast sprint workout, treadmills provide the ability to try different types of runs.

Studies show treadmills more accurately mimic outdoor running when set at an incline of 1 percent. Setting the treadmill at a slight incline better imitates the energy expenditure from hills and wind experienced when running outdoors.

The treadmill can help train you to keep the same pace. While too much treadmill running can eventually hurt your ability to accurately pace yourself while running outside, occasional treadmill running is good for pace training. Treadmills are perfect for tempo runs, as they don’t slow down unless you decrease the speed.

The Pros Train Using Treadmills

Are you still not convinced of the potential benefits of utilizing treadmills for training? Many coaches and elite runners are proponents of using treadmills for training.

In 2010, Antonio Vega won the US Half Marathon Championships by running most of his training miles on a treadmill. He ran over 90 percent of all of his training runs indoors. He was logging over 100 miles per week on a treadmill.

Along with Antonio Vega, other pros advocate the use of treadmills for training. Olympian, Chris Clark, did over half of her training on a treadmill to get ready for the Sydney Olympics. Elite marathoner, Kim Jones, did most of her training indoors to prepare for the Boston Marathon.

Whether you are a veteran marathoner trying to qualify for Boston or an occasional jogger, don’t be afraid to include the treadmill in your training. They can provide results, as shown by the many elite athletes who utilize them.

Treadmills Are Your Friend

Treadmills can be a very useful tool for training. While running outside is refreshing and better mimics race-day conditions, treadmills offer unique advantages for training.

Don’t fear the treadmill. Take advantage of what it can offer. No longer do you have to believe that treadmills are useless.

Check out this article for tips on what to eat before a run. Do you already utilize treadmills for training? Leave a comment below.