Essential oil diffusers are a great and effective way to provide comfort and relaxation in a number of settings for a number of different purposes. Babies, adults, and also pets can benefit from the use of oil diffusers, making them very useful. But how do you know you have a good quality oil diffuser? How can you be sure of what to look for when purchasing one? Here’s a quick look at what makes a great oil diffuser, so that you can make the right choice the first time!

The diffusing ability

It’s not hard to understand why this is an important factor, it’s in the name of the product after all. The ability to diffuse oil is an oil diffuser’s most important feature and the reason you buy it in the first place. A good oil diffuser should be able to disperse oil into the air quickly and efficiently, covering a 200-700 square foot room in 15 minutes or less. This kind of performance is more than ideal for a bedroom or any typical room found in a house for that matter, such as a kitchen, or a living room. In addition to this, a good diffuser should release a scent that is pure, clean, and consistent for a minimum of 5 hours. The diffusers we sell are water-less and heat free and therapeutic. Keeping the Essential Oils in their natural state is important as they become a mist. This way you are sure to inhale the pure undiluted essential oil. Diffusers that have airflow settings and adjustable output levels are also highly recommended.

The noise level

Nobody wants a noisy oil diffuser to be going off as they try to sleep at night, so it’s important to buy one that is on the quieter side. Some diffusers come equipped with relaxing noises, though whether this feature will actually help you to relax is up to you. It’s best to look for a diffuser that is 50 decibels or lower, which is about the same noise level as or maybe a little quieter than a flowing stream.

The timer

Diffusers that do not have an automatic timer feature can sometimes produce so much vapor that it can be overwhelming. If you want to avoid this, you’ll want to look for a diffuser that features an automatic timer, so you can customize the amount of time between sprays in order to achieve a perfect balance.

Ease of use

Lastly, you want to make sure your oil diffuser is easy to use and easy to clean. Make sure there are no complicated mechanisms or buttons that you are not sure about and be sure to clarify that it can be easily cleaned and filled. The last thing you want is to buy an oil diffuser only to find that you cannot figure it out!

The light settings

Did you know that some people use oil diffusers as nightlights? Using an oil diffuser can help children sleep thanks to its relaxing aromas, but it can also function as a nightlight and provide that level of comfort your children will enjoy if they are the types that don’t like to sleep in total darkness. If this is something you’d be interested in, shop for a diffuser that emits a soft glowing light that is not overly bright.