Of course, you want the best for your body. And you love to buy only the best hair care products. That’s why you must have heard of Neutrogena. Neutrogena is an American company and manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics and hair care products. Founded in 1930 by Emanuel Stolaroff, they have been involved in the hair and cosmetic industry for over 80 years and their products continue to inspire and invigorate women to both feel and are the best that they can possibly be. Based in Los Angeles, California, Neutrogena now distributes its products to over 70 countries.

With regards to their shampoo products, they really are at the top of the hair care industry and provide both innovating and high-quality products that are affordable to all women. Every single woman deserves to have beautifully maintained hair, and Neutrogena is definitely the way to go!

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It is suitable for all hair types

All of the ingredients used in Neutrogena hair products have been carefully selected to nourish, repair, protect and revitalize the hair and scalp, no matter what skin or hair type. They try to use only the most beneficial ingredients both nature and science have to offer.

Anti-Residue Formula shampoo is a revolutionary shampoo in that it is a treatment that quite remarkably removes up to 95 percent of dulling hair residues that are ultimately caused by using styling products, conditioners, and other shampoos. What this shampoo does that makes it unique from all of its competitors is that it cleans hair thoroughly and this means taking away all of the built-up residues and rinsing it easily away.

This shampoo can be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin as it is none irritating so even those with sensitive skin can still enjoy the beauty and benefits of this product.

Easy to apply

The product is also extremely easy, yet effective to use and the directions are simple. You simply wet your hair, work the shampoo up into a lather, rinse well and then repeat the process to achieve wonderfully clean and refreshed hair.

What is instantly recognizable and indeed different about this product is that unlike many other anti-residue formulas it has a uniquely fresh and clean smell with no obvious smells of chemicals. This is definitely an added bonus.

This shampoo ideally should be used once a week for maximum results and even better can be used on any hair type. The Anti-Residue Formula works exceptionally well with oily and dry skin types where a build-up of residue can occur over time. By using this shampoo all residues that have built up will be removed leaving hair shiny and soft and making you feel like you have just walked out of the hair salon.

The recommended use of this product is once a week for maximum effectiveness and the results that are gained are truly amazing. You also need not wash your hair every day as this can dry out your skin and make your hair dry, with Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Formula you can wash your hair every 10 days to achieve luscious and healthy nourished hair.

Do you have thick hair? Don’t worry!

This product also works wonderfully well even if you have very thick hair, sometimes people worry that this type of product will not be as productive with thick hair but rest assured the same breathtaking results will be achieved, making your hair feel extremely lightweight and clean.

Therefore Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Formula shampoo really is a must-buy for everyone, no matter what hair type you have. You will gain beautifully clean, soft and refreshed hair with that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling.