Every baby has tender, sensitive skin that is still developing and is more susceptible to the effects of bacteria and external irritants. When it comes to diaper rashes, your baby may seem to suffer more so than usual, causing you to wonder the reasons why do baby wipes cause diaper rash.

You may have tried several topical creams and natural rash ointments without seeing much healing. One thing many parents do not think about when trying to soothe and heal diaper rash is the box of baby wipes they are using at every diaper change.

It’s All About the Preservatives

Every parent enjoys the convenience of baby wipes, especially during road trips or shopping at the mall all day. However, if your baby seems to have a great deal of trouble with rashes, you may be making them worse by using baby wipes. Most brands of wipes contain chemicals that used for preserving the wipes, protecting against the growth of mold and bacteria due to moisture content. Two common preservatives used in most brands of baby wipes are methylisothiazolinone (MIT) and methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI). Both of these preservatives have been found to increase skin irritation, even more so in babies with extremely sensitive skin.

Coupling Baby Wipe Chemicals with Diaper Irritants

Using baby wipes on a regular basis can cause your little one to become sensitized to the preservatives used in them. When your baby becomes sensitized to an irritant, the risk of immune reactions becomes greater, the result being skin rashes. If your baby is experiencing diaper rash due to this type of immune reaction to the preservatives in baby wipes, imagine the increased irritation caused by the chemicals in some disposable diapers. Diapers contain chemicals for providing wicking benefits that help keep moisture away from the skin. While this can be a great benefit, it may not be the case for a baby with super sensitive skin and heightened allergies to irritants.

How to Avoid Diaper Rashes Caused by Baby Wipes

Using warm water and a block of mild soap to clean up your baby’s bottom during diaper changes can help a lot to reduce the occurrence of rash. If you must travel or take your baby with you shopping, making up a plastic sealed bag of soft, moistened cloths (one bag with clothes containing mild soap and one made with clean, pure water for rinsing after cloths containing soap) for diaper changes is best to avoid using disposable wipes. However, be sure to use a diaper rash ointment during every diaper change to help prevent the skin drying out due to using any type of mild soap.

Controlling your baby’s diaper rash is important for the promotion of his or her good health and comfort. The most comfortable, healthy baby is also the one that is happiest. When your baby is content and happy, you feel happier and more content as well. Always take the time to learn more about any type of skin rash your baby may be experiencing. When asking the question ‘Do baby wipes cause diaper rash?’, remember that chemicals used in them can be harsh.

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