Organization of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents should not let your baby sleep with you to avoid the risk of sudden death in baby. However, many parents still sleep with their babies. If you landed on this page, the chances are you are one of them. There are some safety precautions that you should keep in your mind.

6 things need to keep in your mind when letting your baby sleep with you

1. Never let your baby sleep on your bed alone

When your baby sleeps on the bed without your looking after, she will be very easy to fall from the bed. Another possibility is she will be pressed by blankets or pillows and this will cause suffocation.

2. Put your baby on a clean firm mattress

Soft surface can’t hurt adults but is related to the risk of baby mortality. The soft cushion can cause shortness of breath, choking and leads to sudden death. In the long run, lying on the soft cushion will cause curved back, pinched vertebrae and leads to backache on the baby, diseases of the spine, even humpback.

Experts recommend that you should choose a natural mattress with moderate hardness, without sinking and be very cool for your baby’s soft skin. The first choice is the coir cushion. You can even wash and dry it at home very quickly because coir mattress does not hold water.

3. Never cover your baby’s head by anything

When you and your baby sleep together, the best situation is your baby sleeps with her own blanket because, during traction, you may inadvertently cover your baby’s head by the blanket if all of you use the same 1 blanket, cause difficulty breathing on your baby. In addition, you have to be careful when wrapping your baby by a small blanket because when you let your baby sleep free, relaxed with struggling limbs activities will be good for her development.

4. Do not use the waterbeds

Because of the softness of waterbeds, your baby will hunch her back when she is sleeping and this cause backache, spine disease or even hunchbacked. Baby’s skin is very sensitive. Lying on waterbeds with the unventilated plastic surface will harm her health.

If you want to choose a cooler cushion in the summer, you should use coir cushion because the structure of this is one hundred percent natural. With many ventilation holes, this will be very cool in summer and support for skeletal fixation later at the same time.

5. Do not put the baby up on the edge of the pillow

Baby easily roll off the pillow, while the soft pillow, can cover all or part of the baby’s face, make her breathless and increase the risk of sudden death in babies.

6. Remove stuffed animal or soft objects around baby

Be careful with the soft objects in your bed if you decide to sleep with your baby. That’s pillows, heavy blankets, sheepskin blankets, stuffed animals … because they can cover the baby’s face, nose, causing asphyxiation. Should clean that object regular to avoid dirty bacteria infect the baby. About cushion which is hard to clean, parents used to dry under sunbeam to avoid moldy but this can’t clean the dirt and bacteria in the cushion. The solution in this situation is to replace it with a coir cushion which can easy to clean and dry at home.

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